Spanish lawyers representing other Lawyers

Our Law firm provides legal services for other lawyers and their clients in Spain in a variety of civil litigations. With dedication and discretion borrowing from their years of experience, they enjoy defending foreign clients with legal interests in our country.

Globalization and the proliferation of foreign assets in Spain, makes it an obligation to possess a strong Spanish regulation knowledge, which makes the services provided by a local Solicitor very essential. However, only but a few Lawyers in Spain speak English, and even less are capable of explaining legal terms in English to their colleagues.

Lawyers-Legal Advisor Spain

English Speaking

Our solicitors speak English and are capable of providing you with the necessary detailed information you need using this global language. Consult us in your time of need and we will ensure that you get a very satisfactory treatment.

It is a known fact that only Lawyers registered with a Spanish Bar Association are able to represent any physical person or company in a Spanish court of law. So in the event that there is a court litigation in process against your client, or he wants to sue anyone in Spain, you will need to hire a Solicitor from Spain to represent your client from the moment he’s notified by the court or before filing a law suit. Our attorneys will facilitate the process by explaining every single detail about the whole procedure, as well as providing you assistance with the submission of any statement, document or evidence to enable you provide the best service to your client.

Attorney services

We are based in Barcelona, but we are able to assist your client anywhere in Spain, depending on our availability, and the case. Our services include assistance in civil or criminal cases, as well as foreign judgments recognition, and debt retrieval. 

Unfortunately, in Spain some attorneys frequently take on cases that are outside of their practice area, and this is a high risk situation that could have very dire consequences for their clients. To prevent this and safeguard the interest of our highly valued clients, our attorneys form collaborative relationships with other lawyers to handle such cases effectively and successfully. It is customary to team up with these attorneys, assisting in presenting your client’s cases at trial. We own it and recommend another law firm that can handle your client’s case when it is obvious that we cannot help you, by forwarding them your enquiry.

Our assistance includes the following areas

Damage Claims/Civil liability

Family Law

Debt Retrieval

Foreign Judgments recognition

Criminal Defense

We also play the role of intermediary for your client, handling any form of debt, installment, purchase or compensation negotiations anywhere in Spain with the third party. Bearing in mind your indications or stipulations, your client’s best interest and the case at hand. Advising you about every choice and proposing the more appropriate decision to make, and we translate to the other party any of your requests.